Dorchester Co-op Nursery School offers children a variety of age appropriate experiences that promote their social, emotional, creative, physical and intellectual growth.  In a safe and nurturing environment, children are encouraged to respect others and take responsibility for their actions.

Play lies at the heart of the DCNS curriculum.  Play is creative and involves the child as a person with all of his or her capacities, leading to the development of essential life skills such as responsibility, self-discipline, respect for others, problem solving, decision making, logical reasoning, self-expression, self-esteem, confidence and more.

Some activities that help to promote our goals are storytelling, singing, music, games, field trips, and special events. 

DCNS is a non-profit, non-discriminatory, non-political, and non-denominational organization.

Program Philosophy
Dorchester Co-op
Nursery School

Parent Responsibilities

As a co-operative nursery school parent participation is vital, both to keep tuition fees as low as possible and to ensure the best possible nursery school experience.  Each member of this co-operative is required to share in the work of the school and become actively involved.


Fundraising is an essential activity; therefore we ask each member-family to assist in fundraising activities, however this is not a requirement.  Choosing to participate means that you will help to raise money to assist the DCNS is purchasing new equipment and supplies, as well as to assist in reducing our capital loan responsibilities with the Municipality of Thames Centre. 

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